Stunning individuality that only comes with time and nature.

Foreverbeech™ Heritage - nothing makes character like nature. Nature provides the individuality and rustic charm you will find in Foreverbeech™ Heritage. Every board is unique and tells a story of forest disturbance and survival. The randomness of nature personified. Awash with deep colours and distressed patterning, Foreverbeech™ Heritage will become the talking point within your working or living environment.

Product Specification

Foreverbeech™ Heritage is made up of four main decorative appearances and one species, New Zealand Red Beech. The decorative appearance is unique to New Zealand Red Beech. For this reason Heritage fits within a niche market where lower levels of availability and unique appearance combine to allow entry into upper market specification.

Download Specification

Download Specification Sheet PDF (394Kb)

Foreverbeech™ applications include

  • Interior Joinery
  • Furniture
  • Marine interiors
  • Structural quality engineered flooring systems
  • Laminated panel

Foreverbeech™ advanced specifications

  • MAF certified forest management
  • Chemical free
  • High wear and impact resistance
  • High stability
  • Non allergenic
  • Zero CARB emissions
  • Structural performance
  • Compatible with all conversion and surface finishing technologies
  • Cutting edge kiln drying and conversion technology
  • Experienced hub model conversion and supply partners
  • Stable and affordable price points
  • Attractive decorative appearance in clear or stained finishes

MAF Certified Forest Management