Captivating beauty unrivalled by any other New Zealand indigenous timber.

Foreverbeech™ Classic exhibits a warmth and lustre unmatched by any other New Zealand indigenous timber. Foreverbeech™ Classic’s warm, rich tones perfectly showcase clean modern lines. Tone and colour variation is pronounced making Foreverbeech™ Classic the ideal high-feature solid timber product. Enjoy life’s natural beauty and celebrate your individualism with the epitome of Foreverbeech™ Classic.

Product Specification

Foreverbeech™ Classic is made up of four main decorative appearances and two species, New Zealand Red and Silver beech. The decorative appearance is consistent for both species. The point of difference for Classic as Red or Silver Beech appears when Classic is specified for exterior use. Red Beech can be specified for exterior use. Silver Beech cannot be used for exterior specifications.

Download Specification

Download Specification Sheet PDF (432Kb)

Foreverbeech™ applications include

  • Interior Joinery
  • Furniture
  • Marine
  • Structural quality laminated beams
  • Structural quality engineered flooring systems
  • Exterior decking
  • Commercial furniture
  • Laminated wall panels and panel systems
  • Commercial and residential construction

Foreverbeech™ advanced specifications

  • MAF certified forest management
  • 25 year outdoor life expectancy without chemical treatments
  • High wear and impact resistance
  • High stability
  • Non allergenic
  • Zero CARB emissions
  • Structural performance
  • Compatible with all conversion and surface finishing technologies
  • Cutting edge kiln drying and conversion technology.
  • Experienced hub model conversion and supply partners
  • Stable and affordable price points
  • Attractive decorative appearance in clear or stained finishes

MAF Certified Forest Management